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"Established in 2021, our discreet and professional mobile cupping clinic has been offering Hijama in London, Slough and Windsor. We strive to provide the best cupping therapy home visit experience, that makes our clients feel that they are in good hands."



Cupping therapy is a traditional practice of alternative medicine which dates back to ancient Egypt. It was a prevalent practice throughout the history of the Ancient Egyptians, Chinese Dynasties and Persian Empire. It is the process of placing cups, traditionally made from either glass, bamboo or animal horn, over areas of the body and using negative pressure to create a 'suction' effect.


It has been used for centuries as a method to alleviate pain, inflammation, muscle stiffness and illness. There are now many forms of cupping therapy available that use modern techniques and each type is beneficial in it's own unique way. The most highly practiced type used today is wet cupping, also known as Hijama (Arabic).

Hijama is the process of drawing out old blood containing toxins from the body, by use of local suction, over areas of skin where small incisions have been made. This unique method of therapy not only removes toxins, but also stimulates the body's immune response to increase blood flow to the cupped areas, which in turn improves circulation, relieves pain and facilitates healing.

At The Cupping Wellness Clinic we offer men and women a range of cupping and massage therapies, with a truly personal holistic approach to your healing and wellbeing. All our treatments are tailored to your specific health needs and are carried out in the comfort of your home by our fully qualified, IPHM and CMA accredited therapist.

During your home visit appointment, we conduct a thorough assessment of your past medical history, along with an evaluation of your current health needs, to enables us to tailor our treatments to ensure that you receive the best possible results from your therapy.





Wet cupping therapy is the process by which stagnant blood and lymphatic matter are removed from the body, which involves making very small incisions in the skin, before placing cups over the incisions and applying negative pressure via a pump to draw out the toxic substances into the cups.

Cups are applied onto the skin in specific areas, most usually over locations where pain, stiffness or swelling is experienced and a vacuum is created within the cups via a pump, this draws the skin into the cups and stimulates excess blood flow to the area, which in turn relieves pain and promotes healing.



Specialised glass cups are applied to the face and neck, with subtle pressure and gentle sweeping movements the cups are drawn over the neck, chin, jawline, forehead and cheeks.
This not only tones and sculpts
but also brightens the skin.


Soft silicone cups are applied to the skin with a vacuum which draws the skin into the cups and then the cups are lifted slightly, pulling skin and muscle upward whilst being moved back and forth over the skin, to untighten stiff muscles and relieve tension.



Areas We Cover

At The Cupping Wellness Clinic, there's no need for you to travel, 

we bring the clinic to you. Our mobile cupping clinic covers London, Slough and Windsor. If you live outside of these areas, please contact us for a quote.

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