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moving cupping massage

Moving Cupping Massage is the natural and safe, traditional treatment that helps resolve chronic muscle tightness and pain faster than massage therapy alone. It has many other benefits besides.

Here are some of the conditions Moving Cupping Massage may be used to help with and the way in which Moving Cupping Massage can help with those conditions.


muscle tension
muscular pain




Moving Cupping Massage is an effect way of relieving tension within muscles. 

Moving Cupping Massage draws stagnant fluids toward the surface, assisting with detoxification, and it brings in fresh nutrient-rich blood. It provides a gentle sustained stretch for loosening tight muscles and connective tissue adhesions. 

Moving Cupping Massage can be used on areas of the body to decrease cellulite, the cups may help to very mildly improve some of the excess tissue fluid and lymph which collects around the cellulite.

It works by pulling, lifting and stretching the connective fibrous tissues to encourage circulation of nutrient-rich blood and flush away toxins through lymphatic system drainage, breaking up and smoothing lumpiness.

Chronic muscle pain can be relieved with regular sessions of Moving Cupping Massage.

Moving Cupping Massage increases blood circulation in the skin and muscles, creating a change in the connectivity, in turn helping the tissue to heal and alleviating related chronic pain.

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