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dry cupping

Dry Static Cupping is one of the oldest and most effective methods of  releasing toxins from the body tissue and organs. It is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Here are some of the conditions Dry Static Cupping may be used to help with and the way in which Dry Static Cupping can help with those conditions.


sports injuries
joint stiffness




Professional athletes are increasingly using Dry Cupping Therapy as part of their recovery practices.

Dry Cupping Therapy increases oxygen and fresh nutrient-rich blood flow to the cupped regions, which in tern stimulates the body's natural healing process.

Dry Cupping Therapy can be used to reduce  inflammation associated with joint stiffness, as well as increase ease of movement.

Cytokines are toxins that build up and lead to inflammation. Uric acid is another toxin that builds inside the tissues and causes swelling. Aside from fresh blood, Dry Cupping also attracts a fresh circulation of lymph. This fluid removes the inflammation and brings in immune cells that support the healing process.

Some studies have shown that Dry Cupping Therapy seems to be effective in reducing pain and increasing function for people with non-specific chronic neck pain.

Dry Cupping Therapy utilises the use of of suction on the skin which encourages fresh blood flow and microcirculation within the treated areas. This reduces pain and discomfort.

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